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  1. Snow-Blade is a collections solution System designed to help banks in collecting arrears due from corporate and retail (personal) debts.
  2. The recovery, relation, risk or credit risk department can use information from snow blade to analyze and follow up on debts with arrears due.
  3. Snow blade displays this information from data it extracts automatically from a core banking system.
  4. Data retrieved from core banking system is displayed as information basically through organizations set collection policies and the system parameters which are based on international collection procedures.
  5.  Snow blade is designed to help the credit managers recover and analyze customer behaviors and tendencies toward debt settlement.
  6. The system is designed to assist the fanciers to closely profile client’s payment behaviors in a systematic manner.
  7. The system has a report card that records and profile all correspondences made to the client in an effort to collect arrears.
  8. As such the fancier is able to monitor and profile the behavioral aspect of the client e.g when the client is evasive, in denial, gone underground, unable to commit, and sounds cooperative, aggressive, among other behaviors.
  9.  The information gathered will rank the client in the radar tool which will alert the management as and when the client becomes risky to the current loan or other related loan portfolios.
  10.  Snow blade will help the management to trigger actions like reporting the case to external debt collectors.
  11. The beauty of this system is that the debtor collector will use the same system modules to profile the defaulter behaviors.
  12. The fancier will be able to know how the debtor collectors handle their clients and whether or not the client is evasive or corporative. Since it is seamless the fancier will not need and report from the debtor collector and their performance as such he will be able to access the report from his end.

The sole purpose of this system is end to end debtor management    

Core Functions - Brief Overview

I. Ability to connect to core banking systems

Snow blade can get files from the system in one of the following ways

  1. Pipe or comma delimited text files from the CBS.
  2. Web services; REST or SOAP ,API from the core banking system. (c) Manual upload in excel or CSV formats.

This means that the system can function as a stand-alone.

II. Manage the Account Manager’s (ACM) Portfolio

Right from the issuance of a loan, snow blade establishes a link between the file and its chain of account managers. This means before a file gets from relation to risk, the recovery officer is able to point out a file likely to default at an early stage.

III. Manage ACM’s Diary

The system keeps a diary of all actions and follow- ups that need to be done by the ACM. This includes, calls, visits, meetings, Email and text Messages.

Managers have access to this diary and it enables them to plan for the resources available in this departments.

IV. Manage ACM’s Task List

The system automatically creates a task list for the ACMs in all departments to ensure that all case files are followed up. The task list enforces the work manual / policy

- Allocate case files to credit officer

- Case file re-allocations to credit officer