Solar System

Complete home off grid 2500VA/2000W solar system

Software Solutions

We provide software solutions such as VistaPOS, SACCO Systems, School Systems, Payroll Systems, ATM (SACCO Link)Integrations

Hardware Solutions

We offer KRA approved fiscal printers to all VAT registered traders in the country

Solar Pump



Domestic solar powered water pump

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Safe & Do-It-Yourself Data Recovery Solution to Solve Your Data Loss Problems


Transcends Payroll

Transcends Payroll has all you need in a payroll Software/System and more. Our cloud-based payroll management software, makes payroll processing and reporting a breeze each month. Wingubox Payroll is the ideal solution for all progressive SMEs today.

Stressful payroll tasks are now a thing of the past. The flexibility that comes with this software is unparalleled. Try it out today with a FREE 30 day trial period

Easy to use system:

  • Produce professional pay slips with your company branding.
  • Easy to include statutory deductions such NHIF, NSSF
  • Pre-set and editable PAYE (Income Tax)
  • Automated Loans monitor
  • Dedicated Advance Pay section
  • Email pay slips to employees at one go
  • Overtime management and calculations as per Kenyan labour laws
  • Accepts all types of allowances/benefits, both cash and non-cash
  • Incorporate employee earnings (e.g. commission, bonus)
  • Preset Relief deductions on HOSP, Insurance, Owner Occupied Interest, Retirement Fund,


  • Generates KRA reports P9,P10,P10A, Central Bureau of Statistics
  • Single click KRA online returns itax export format for P10_Returns.xlsm filing
  • Generates NHIF byproduct reports in required format
  • Generates NSSF reports in required format
  • Generates Muster Roll report for every month
  • Generates Loan repayment reports for saccos, banks, student loans (HELB) and company loans
  • Generates custom reports for any item (e.g. basic pay, net pay, gross pay, user-defined deductions) for specified time ranges

Employee login:

  • Create and monitor employee accounts
  • Employees can fill in their overtime hours and submit for approval
  • Employees can log in and print/view their own pay slips and P9A and P9B tax deduction cards
  • Employees can edit their personal details (e.g. Name, Address, Bank Account, PIN No., ID No.)