Solar System

Complete home off grid 2500VA/2000W solar system

Software Solutions

We provide software solutions such as VistaPOS, SACCO Systems, School Systems, Payroll Systems, ATM (SACCO Link)Integrations

Hardware Solutions

We offer KRA approved fiscal printers to all VAT registered traders in the country

Solar Pump



Domestic solar powered water pump

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Safe & Do-It-Yourself Data Recovery Solution to Solve Your Data Loss Problems

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business Solution can be used as a standalone service or as a part of our OMNI-channel suite. All messaging options are available through a simple API ( ready to integrate into your own system(s) or through the user friendly front-end portal . Like all our messaging products, WhatsApp service runs on the cloud-based platform that provides exceptional delivery and reliability regardless of your messaging program size or type.


WhatsApp Business Account

TSEA will configure a dedicated WhatsApp Business Account for each sender. The key features of the WhatsApp Business Account are described below:

  • Send messages using a mobile phone number (MSISDN)
  • Encrypted messages from Infobip platform towards WhatsApp network
  • Validity period 30 days
  • Dedicated Alphanumeric sender – single thread, branded communication verified by WhatsApp
  • Rich media –send and receive images, files, audio content, location information

Two-way messaging - send and receive messages from end-users

  • Auto-reply options – configurable auto-reply
  • Message DeliveryReports – information when the message was delivered to WhatsApp
  • Message Seen Reports – information when the message was read in the WhatsApp application

Solution design

TSEA Platform is a cloud-based platform tasked with processing enormous traffic volumes, while supporting hundreds of features that clients need and demand. It has been designed from the ground up keeping in mind flexibility in terms of number of features which can be developed and speed at which the platform can be adjusted to accommodate the everchanging client’s needs expected in today’s dynamic business environments. Connecting users through the public Internet network and extending their reach into the operators and WhatsApp network makes it one of the greatest communication platforms, reaching the majority of the world’s population.


TSEAPlatform hasbeenextendedtosupportWhatsAppBusinessSolutionbydevelopingaspecificWhatsApp Business Accountservice.

The TSEA  platform is a multi-tenant platform with implemented logical separation of client data.

TSEA Portal

TSEA Portal is a web-platform that allows clients to utilize multiple mobile engagement options and combine channels to target cross platform recipients with pinpoint accuracy. Clients can simply log in and communicate with customers to engage them with their business.

In addition to these sending capabilities, Portal offers data governance features which enable clients to build customizable subscriber profiles. These can then be used to serve numerous use cases by making simple campaignadjustments.Channelandfunctionalityaccesscanallbemanageddirectlybytheenterpriseusingthe integrated,extensivepermissionsmodel.NotethatPortalserviceswillincludeSMSandWhatsAppservicesonly and if required, additional channels being made available as and whenrequired.


TSEA WhatsApp Business Solution enables enterprise clients to submit messages to WhatsApp network users, as well to receive messages sent from WhatsApp network end-users back to enterprises.

The following WhatsApp functionalities are available over the Infobip platform:

  • Send text messages to WhatsApp users
  • Send files (image, media, docs) to WhatsApp users
  • Send Message Templates to WhatsApp users
  • Automated Reply to incoming end-user messages
  • Forwarding of incoming text and/or location messages over HTTP(s) protocol to the Enterprise endpoint
  • Forwarding of Delivery Reports forward to the Enterprise endpoint
  • Message Reports/Logs
  • Forwarding of Seen status over HTTP(s) to the Enterprise endpoint

All new features and changes introduced by WhatsApp will be implemented on the Infobip platform as part of the major platform upgrades.

WhatsApp Message Charging Model

All messages sent during the Customer Support Window (i.e. 24-hour after the last Mobile Originated (MO) message – message received from the end-user) are free of charge.

  • Outside that time window, messages are charged as per WhatsApp list price. Outside the 24-hour Customer Support Window, only Message Templates are allowed.
  • Free form messages can be sent during the 24-hour period mentioned previously. Free form messages sent outside the 24h window will be blocked and not delivered to the end-user.


Use cases - Banking/Finance industry

Below listed use cases are used by organizations world-wide and are proven add value and increase efficiency of our client’s processes, along with trust, loyalty and satisfaction of their customers.

Use case example – WhatsApp Services  (USSD menu to WhatsApp)

This use case will help you reduce costs and increase revenue. As WhatsApp is a 2-way service with a secure network, you can offer WhatsApp Services it the same way as you offer USSD services to your clients (clients would have to have WhatsApp on their phones). Considering WhatsApp features and its advantages in comparison to traditional USSD services, this way you can reduce the cost of the USSD sessions as well as the cost for SMS, while adding significant value to your services.

Use case examples - Customer support

This use case enables organizations to provide support over WhatsApp, the channel end users are using daily and are already familiar with. Although the end user experience is the same, there are several integration options you can choose to integrate WhatsApp into your ecosystem (depending on the organization’s internal technical capabilities).

  • Integrate into existing ticketing system using API – If there is a ticketing system already used by the customer support department and system in question has a possibility to integrate API, this type of integration is the best approach. It has minimal impact on the current processes as the customer support members will continue to work in the same interface as before.
  • Live chat interface for WhatsApp – This solution enables customer support department to communicate with customers using live chat interface. This solution can also be integrated into existing CRM so all correspondence with the customer is saved and archived. The combination of WhatsApp as the world’s most popular chat application and Teckst as the interface for live communication gives a unique customer experience for the end-user and helps enterprises all around the world to catch up with the digital revolution. For example, a customer can contact customer support by sending a specific keyword (e.g. “Support”) using the WhatsApp channel. Whenever end-users send the keyword “Support”, they will be connected to an agent in customer support department who will assist and answer all inquiries, directly and in real time, using Teckst.


  • Chat bot – Implementing a chat bot for customer support is a great way to reduce load on customer support department by covering repetitive and simple end user requests. In case of a more complicated support case, which is not covered through chat bot, end user can be connected with the customer support agent.

Use case examples – customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction and experience by providing accurate and timely information.

Some of the use cases can be found below:

Balance check

Example of check balance functionality can be found on the picture below.


In this case last four numbers of the card number are used for account identification, but this is just one of the possible implementations.

Form abandonment


Many customers start to fill out forms (for example to open account, apply for a loan) but never follow through. Increase your revenue and customer satisfaction by reaching out to customers and helping them finish the process, step by step.


ATM/Branch locator

By introducing WhatsApp as a channel new communication options such as Rich media are available. For example, in order to find out where all the nearest ATMs/branches are located, user can easily share his location and receive a picture of the area and links to the 3 nearest ATMs/branches. Once this is received, user can choose the desired link and navigate to the ATM/branch using preferred navigation application. Example of one such implementation can be found on picture below.