Solar System

Complete home off grid 2500VA/2000W solar system

Software Solutions

We provide software solutions such as VistaPOS, SACCO Systems, School Systems, Payroll Systems, ATM (SACCO Link)Integrations

Hardware Solutions

We offer KRA approved fiscal printers to all VAT registered traders in the country

Solar Pump



Domestic solar powered water pump

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Safe & Do-It-Yourself Data Recovery Solution to Solve Your Data Loss Problems

Website Development

Static Website:

The website is not interactive with the end user. It contains general information about an institution, individual or a corporate.

Pricing: Kshs 25,000 for ten pages. Additional pages are charged Kshs 1,500 per page.

Dynamic Website-(C.M.S):

This is database driven website fully interactiv with the end-users. It involves the use of open source and custom made Content Management System (C.M.S).

Pricing: Kshs 40,000 for basic features. Any additional integration is charged per the user requirements.

Highly Dynamic Website (More than 2 CMS):

This is highly interactive website that involves more than 1 CMS.

Pricing: Kshs 100,000