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We provide software solutions such as VistaPOS, SACCO Systems, School Systems, Payroll Systems, ATM (SACCO Link)Integrations

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We offer KRA approved fiscal printers to all VAT registered traders in the country

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 TSEA BULK SMS is mobile marketing platform for achieving closest relations with customers. Our messaging platform for customer engagement via SMS enables you to directly communicate with your clients, automating the whole process for you.

It is ideal for Banks, SACCOs and businesses of all sizes, as well as digital marketing agencies, who want to:

  • implement SMS marketing
  • boost sales & customer engagement
  • monetize SMS

bulk sms

Our Solutions has User ID registered By Safariom and Airtel Kenya, I.e Finlem _Saco as you sender ID such all sms will appear with your name


TSEA's API is a simple, secure, and powerful integration tool that provides you with a single access to all our communication services. It is based on REST standards, enabling you to use your browser for accessing URLs. In order to interact with our API, any HTTP client in any programming language can be used.

Easy integration, flexibility, and rich functionalities help get you up an running quickly, and can decrease business operation costs. API infrastructure is globally distributed and geo redundant, ensuring minimal latency and highest delivery rates. As a result, guaranteed platform uptime is 99,99%.

API consists of more than 60 basic and advanced user guides and 600 code examples. It also consists of libraries written to streamline development and enable integration of mobile and web apps in minutes. API documentation is also supported in Chinese, Korean, and Spanish languages. Programming languages used are JSON, XML, cURL, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, C# and JavaScript. All programming efforts are followed by easy to read integration manuals, and TSEA provides 24/7 support in multiple languages.

TSEA's services available over API include:


TSEA Portal is a modern set of web tools for running multi-channel mobile-first campaigns, equipped with behavior-based segmentation and in-depth analytics. The Portal supports SMS, Voice, Email, Push, and OMNI modules. Easy to use, it requires virtually no user training, and unleashes powerful communications options for companies of all sizes. User interface is currently available in 7 languages.

SMS module was developed for sending larger number of 1 Way and 2 Way messages to contacts stored in the address book. Advanced features allow you to manage campaigns, schedule sending time and manage contacts and groups. With Push notifications module you can create and run push notifications campaigns for your mobile app users. Email module provides exceptional delivery and reliability, regardless of the size of your mailing list. Voice is an automated call service module to deliver calls from text or pre-recorded, voice messages.



OMNI is an intelligent routing module. You can leverage communication options with OMNI and engage with users over SMS, Push, Email, Voice or Viber.  Omni-channel suite provides communication failover. For example, if your SMS message does not go through, other channel can be triggered to deliver the message to the user.

Reporting module allows a real-time insight into all relevant inbound and outbound traffic numbers. They are presented in rich graphical manner, making monitoring and insights easier than ever before.


Marketing agencies can use the Portal to benefit from the popularity and reach of SMS, which can be delivered to any mobile phone and is read within minutes from delivery. Even more importantly, it allows them to build campaigns for email, Viber, voice and other channels – separate or orchestrated, for much better targeting, relevance and impact.

Restaurants, coffee shops and retailers around the world use it in their own marketing communications. They deliver loyalty programs notifications, inform of new stores and offers, announce and give discounts via different channels etc.

Healthcare institutions, travel agencies, political parties – all have used the Portal to reach and inform their target audiences. Religious communities have adopted the Portal as a tool in communication with the congregation – calls to prayer and other religious notifications are commonly sent out as text messages. In some countries, it is becoming increasingly popular to send wedding invitations via different channels.


  • Technical OVERVIEW


TSEA comprehensive mobile messaging solution offering a collection of applications for any client requirement, making messaging activities fast and efficient.


Professional messaging solutions cover all messaging needs from real time transaction alerts (delivered within seconds), all the way to massive marketing SMS campaigns with throughput of up to 200 SMS/sec.


The quality and reliability of TSEA services is guaranteed by a strict SLA (Service Level Agreement) and full 24/7, multilingual customer support.


You can start using TSEA services immediately and quickly integrate them in your business. Our engineers are continuously working on new features in order to improve and adapt the solution to market needs. New features are available for all our clients, so we grow together to be best on the market.




Complete mobile messaging solution for sending and receiving messages. Personalised messages with name and other customer data, messaging based on uploaded files (xls, csv), address book or manually added recipients, transliteration, scheduling, delivery speed, bulk controls - pause/resume/cancel and many other functionalities included. 2-way SMS messaging is available on demand.


We provide instant information on delivery status of every single SMS message.


Manage contacts, search saved contacts in the address book, add, modify, delete, import and export contacts. Create contact groups based on particular criteria and combine them together when choosing recipients for your messages.already supported with the possibility to translate into additional languages.


Ability to schedule messages .


Performance monitoring, activity log view, live traffic overview, dashboards showing cumulative overview and detailed reporting on traffic, expenses and delivery rates.


Subscriber zone is determined before messages are sent; allowing setting time sending constraints, and providing correct scheduling. We also offer the possibility to manually correct time zone information for any given subscriber (or a range of numbers) This comes in handy if you are sending a bulk to the numbers that belong to different time zones and you set a time frame during which the messages can be sent (example, you don’t want your customers to receive messages at 3 am)


Our system offers customizable traffic routing between different channels to operators/aggregators, depending on the connector, network, MNP information and setup. This traffic can be balanced in any desired ratio or delivery quality.


Our platform supports various types of system monitoring in terms of overall performance or performance of each module separately: connection state, queue, delivery percentage (available over web and SNMP)


For any type of errors, our platform has integrated optional email alerting system.


In order to improve performance and additionally raise the security level, gateway fallback feature is implemented. This feature enables mGate instances to be connected to two (or even more) message provider datacenters and failover from one to another automatically, without user intervention.


You have an option to import the list of contacts for which you wish to set a rule that they can’t receive any messages from you – no matter if their contact is a part of a file to which you intend to send a bulk.

End users who opt out of any of your services is also available via the same feature.


There is the possibility to search message archives for previous periods (monthly) over a web interface, with aggregated statistics available for the whole period of communication. The search option offers multiple filters which comes in handy if you are looking for a specific number.


Reports provide detailed information on each message for complete transparency and control. They are easily accessible with many different numerical and graphic overviews. Detailed reports provide the following information: sent data time, network name, sender name, destination address, external message, status, price per message, SMS count.

Reports can also be downloaded  / improrted.

  • 2way sms

2Way SMS is used for sending and receiving messages over dedicated or shared Short Codes.

Short codes are 5 digit numbers that can send and receive mobile phone SMS messages. They are used for any volumes of messages and provider high throughput. With short codes, sending and receiving messages is limited to national borders.

TSEA offers dedicated or shares short codes for the enterprise. TSEA will lease a short code on behalf of clients.

Key characteristics:

  • Easy to remember
  • Easily combined with SMS MT
  • Interactive communication channel
  • Can be zero rated or premium.
  • Gain additional revenue by offering premium services
  • National reach

On the next picture 2Way communication is presented.

Figure 4. Example of  2Way communication over shortcodes



TSEA offers additional tools in the 2-Way setup.


There are two different ways that the 2Way messaging may be initiated:

  • MT initiated – mobile subscriber responds to an outbound SMS from a client
  • MO initiated - mobile subscriber initiates the process by sending their own SMS, requesting information from the client

For MT initiated 2Way, TSEA has developed a solution that links together the messaging conversation by generating a virtual session for MT and MO messages. The solution is similar to the USSD service. The feature also provides the ‘no keyword’ option for the clients having a shared number setup. MO messages are linked to the latest MT sent to mobile subscriber so no keyword is needed for matching inbound messages to the specific client.


Clients may define custom responses to inbound messages. The responses may be optionally differentiated through the use of keywords.

In some countries there are strict regulations regarding consumer protection. TSEA takes care of that and will by default handle inbound messages in order to abide to these regulations. “By default” means that TSEA will handle the inbound message processing.


Clients may choose among following forwarding methods for each 2way setup:

  • HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems.
  • SMPP - Short Message Peer-to-Peer is an open, industry standard protocol designed to provide a flexible data communication interface for the transfer of short message data between External Short Messaging Entities (ESME), Routing Entities (RE) and Message Centres.
  • Email – Every message sent to a number resource will be forwarded to emails of your choice
  • E-MAIL
  • From transactional emails that confirm online purchases to informative emails letting passengers know their flight has been delayed to promotional emails offering customers deals at their favorite store, email is one of the most flexible messaging tools available. Now that it has moved from desktop-first to predominantly mobile-first, it is a perfect complement to other communication channels for non-urgent, media-rich messages to customers.

    Email remains one of the most cost-effective forms of promotion available. Unlike high-cost outlets like billboards, TV, or print, email allows you to customize messages to customers, target specific customer groups with tailored content, track the effectiveness of your messages, and get immediate results from campaigns. TSEA Portal gives you actionable data that you can use to build reports tracking all of your campaigns and derive an ROI for your activities.


You can use it as standalone service or as part of the omni-channel suite. All the features and options are available through a simple API (, ready to integrate into your systems, or through the user-friendly TSEA Portal ( Like all our products, TSEA Email runs on our Platform that provides exceptional delivery and reliability regardless of the size of your mailing list.